Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How to apply the cream using airless jars?

To apply the cream from the airless jar you need to take out first the transparent lid out then push down several times the white plastic lid that has an aperture until the cream will come out through this aperture.

Q. how do I preserve the creams?

The creams should be stored in a cool and dry place between 73 F-75 F, 22 C – 24 C. Don’t put the creams into the refrigerator or the bathroom because the humidity can spoil the creams.

Q. What jars are you using to preserve these natural organic creams?

By using high-quality airless jars, the creams’ natural antioxidants are not being oxidized, preserving the freshness of the ingredients, and resulting in a longer shelf-life.

Q. how do I apply these natural creams?

These organic herbal creams are very concentrated. Therefore, you can use a small amount to apply to the skin, gently in the round motion. The creams are immediately absorbing onto the skin without leaving an oily residue. Even if you use near the eyes, you’ll not have burning sensation due to the high quality of the natural ingredients.

Q. When can I apply the creams?

You can apply both morning and night. The skin becomes velvety and glowing with each application.

Q. How long it will take to see visible results?

Depending on the cream and your skin characteristics, you can see visible results within a week.

Q. Would my skin turn yellow, when I am using a yellow cream due to Sea Buckthorn oil?

The yellow color of the cream will not color your skin. It will fade immediately onto the skin.

Q. How do I know if a product is right for me?

It is challenging to know without trying. You should look at the ingredients and find out whether there are ingredients that you are allergic to them.  Usually, our creams are very light, with no chemicals or parabens. The essential oils used to fragrance the creams are in a tiny quantity. Therefore, it is scarce to appear a skin rash or uncomfortable feeling.

This is unlikely to produce an allergy onto the skin. However, if you see an allergy onto the skin please contact immediately a dermatologist.

Q. What is the difference between a chemical skincare and a natural one?

The energy of the chemicals is shallow, which is not beneficial for your skin and body. Also, even they show results in the short term, after a couple of years of usage, the skin starts to become wrinkled and aged because the ingredients are nearly dead due to the low energy.

In contrast, the natural creams due to their high energy boost naturally the collagen and elastin, which increase youthfulness over the years.

Q. How much are you willing to help the customers understand the usage of those organic herbal creams?

Your satisfaction is always our goal in the business. As the creams have multiple functions, we strongly suggest inquiring about all facets of a cream. They may have strong beauty qualities even though they are marked as therapeutic.