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Dear Customers, as a consequence of the overall economical situation, due to the extended COVID-19 fight, all over the world, our Company decided to highly reduce the prices of the Eco-friendly Organic Herbal Skincare Products making more affordable for a higher number of clients that are looking for a healthy alternative for skin well-being!

We are confident that the products will continue to spread to everyone that is an organic life style lover!
Thank you and be Safe 

TelBari Admin.

We will thrive to meet the customer expectations during COVID-19 pandemic complications. However, due to the fact that the manufacturing production is lowering, the shipment is slightly delayed. Please be patience. Your satisfaction is always our business.

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Cercohn and Firm and Replenish Bundle​​​

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Cercohn and Firm & Replenish Bundle
As Cercohn can also be used for the tightening of the skin, having strong anti-aging properties, we strongly suggest using the Firm and Replenish for the neck along with Cercohn for the face; you can now reach two-step treatments for less. 20% Off on this bundle
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